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The Steward Board is responsible for handling the spiritual and temporal business of the church. The members of the Steward Board are nominated annually by the Pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.


The Trustee Board manages all the temporal concerns of the church. They guard all real estate and other property owned by the church and make improvements to the property or real estate when authorized to do so by the majority of the legal members of the church.



The pastor in charge may nominate one or more boards of Stewardesses, according to the size of each local church, composed of sisters of good character, who are in good and regular standing as members of the local church, to assist the Stewards in the discharge of their duties.

The Duties:

It is the duty of the Stewards to provide the elements for Holy Communion. This duty traditionally is assigned to the Stewardesses to prepare the elements for the service of Communion. They dress the pulpit and altar with the suitable, clean, white coverings, also keeping the utensils polished and shining, with the appropriate bowl and a number of small linen guest towels supplied for the use of the ministers in preparation of their hands for service in the communion.


The mission of the Bible Discovery Hour is to teach, train, nurture, prepare, and recruit adults and children in God's word for Christian service, emphasizing those Christian principles that are essential for effective Christian growth and participation. The Bible Discovery Hour meets each Sunday at 9:15 am. There are classes for all ages.

The Bible Discovery Hour also helps sponsor the Easter and Christmas pageant and the annual Church Fellowship. It gives school supplies to the children and youth at the beginning of the school year.

Bible Discovery Hour Creed: Our Bible Discovery Hour must grow and glow and I must help to make it so. Every member a Christian, every Christian a worker; every worker trained, a worker that needs not be ashamed. This we ask in Jesus' Name. AMEN.

Bible Discovery Hour Benediction (A Prayer): We have come, we have studied, we have learned; and so until our next coming together to study God's word, may His rich blessings reside with you and may His grace be eternally yours. AMEN.


The Department of Christian Education is responsible for developing a comprehensive and unified program of Christian Education for the local church which shall lead to a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the Christian Religion, and the Christian Church, and an implementation of these values in daily living. The CED is led by the Christian Education Director who shall provide direction and supervision of all religious and educational interests of the church.

Other responsibilities of the CED include:

  • Provide source materials for all the educational work of the Church;
  • Provide for developing standards and preparing programs and offering techniques of Christian Education in the local church;
  • Provide general oversight of the Bible Discovery Hour. They shall also seek ways and means of promoting the attendance of children, youth and adults in the church school and aid in recruitment for the establishment of new classes in Bible Discovery Hour;
  • Supervise the Youth Activities of the church. They shall promote intelligent and vital Christian living among young people and to train them in proper methods of Christian work and service;
  • Provide courses for training, when requested by the Pastor;
  • Cooperate with the Director of the Young People's Division, Women's Missionary Society and the Lay Organization in promoting religious education to its members.


The Lay Organization is usually composed of three (3) or more persons formed for the purposes of:

  • stilling in its membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism;
  • advocating respect and loyalty to constituted authority;
  • encouraging the support of the total program of the local church;
  • fostering systematic and regular study which will provide greater knowledge and participation in the church;
  • organizing and training lay members concerning the goals and objectives of the Lay Organization.


The Sons of Allen is a ministry whose focus is the male members of Ward Chapel. Its purpose is to encourage males to become involved in helping other men find Christ in their lives. It provides opportunities for fellowship, friendship and mentoring to the boys and young men of the church as well as in the community.


The W.M.S. is usually composed of three (3) or more persons formed for the purposes of:

  • installing in its membership cooperation with the local church in its responsibilities;
  • providing financial support to the conference branch, area, and local delegates to the Conference Branch;
  • supporting the Conference Branch financially;
  • fostering missionary activists of the local church, area, and conference.



"I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness."
(Psalms 84:10b)

Ward Chapel has four usher boards that minister during weekly worship services and at other special occasions.   There are three adult boards and one for children and youth.   The adult boards are: Rosa Coleman Usher Board, Usher Board #2 and the Sons of Allen.  The children/youth board is the Jewelette Usher Board.


"I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."
(Psalms 69:30 NIV)

Ward Chapel has four choirs that minister during weekly worship services and at other special occasions.   There are three adult choirs and one for children and youth.   The adult choirs are: The Mass Choir, the Voices of Ward, and the Male Chorus.  The Youth Choir is comprised of both children and youth. All choirs are under the direction of Bro. Assel Jean Pierre.